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Petsionate is a premium pet’s clothing brand ideal for passionate pet lovers. Our designs are unique and distinctive especially for those who are strongly passionate about small pets and fashion. We pay attention to every detail in the making process from hand-drawn patterns all the way to finished products. Petsionate strongly believes in using top quality fabrics to ensure pet’s highest level of comfort, and in using innovative sewing techniques to capture spirits of bold and fresh inspirations. Attention to detail and refinement of each piece to perfection are given priority in our workbench. Not only that, but quality of fabrics also comes first, because good clothes always start with good fabric. Each of Petsionate’s creations are carefully handcrafted and original. We design, produce and retail pet’s apparels. To date, we have been enjoying making lovely clothes for our customers for a little over a year now. We believe that when we make quality pet’s clothing with much love and care, then fashion becomes more than just something they wear.

In addition to pet’s apparels, Petsionate also designs and produces accessories for pet’s owners under the same concept. Our products include scarves, clutches, and phone cases. All of these products are created to match with our pet’s clothing collection, so the owners can enjoy using accessories that reflect the bond between them and their pets.